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DQS SA ISO 19011:2018 – Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems

DQS SA ISO 19011:2018 – Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems


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This eLearning module provides comprehensive guidance on the auditing of management systems (including the principles of auditing), managing an audit programme, conducting management system audits, and the evaluation of the competence of individuals involved in the audit process (including the person managing the audit programme, auditors and audit teams). 

This module is applicable to all organizations that need to conduct internal or external audits of management systems, or manage an audit programme, and is based on ISO 19011:2018, as well as DQS and other international guidance on auditing. The objective is that by using the module contents, organizations can save time, effort and expenditure by:

  • Avoiding confusion over the objectives of the management system audit.
  • Ensuring audit reports follow the best format and contain all the relevant information.
  • Securing agreement of the goals for individual audits within an audit program.
  • Evaluating the competence of members of an audit team against appropriate criteria.
  • Reducing duplication of effort when conducting combined management system audits.


Management Systems (MS) Auditing
1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Terms and definitions
4. Principles of auditing
5. Managing an audit programme
5.1 General
5.2 Establishing audit programme objectives
5.3 Determining and evaluating audit programme risks and opportunities
5.4 Establishing the audit programme
5.5 Implementing audit programme
5.6 Monitoring audit programme
5.7 Reviewing and improving audit programme
6. Conducting an audit
6.1. General
6.2. Initiating audit
6.3. Preparing audit activities
6.4. Conducting audit activities
6.5. Preparing and distributing audit report
6.6. Completing audit
6.7. Conducting audit follow-up
7. Competence and evaluation of auditors
7.1. General
7.2. Determining auditor competence
7.3. Establishing auditor evaluation criteria
7.4. Selecting appropriate auditor evaluation method
7.5. Conducting auditor evaluation
7.6. Maintaining and improving auditor competence
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