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DQS SA Management of SARS CoV2 in the workplace (Management Response to COVID-19)


DQS SA Management of SARS CoV2 in the workplace (Management Response to COVID-19)

Management Response to COVID-19 in the workplace, including Toolkit with downloadable resources

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Learn how to prepare your workplace and employees for work during and after the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, including useful and downloadable resources and templates.

Course duration: 8 hours

Content developed by a DQS Expert in SANS 16001:2013 Wellness and Disease Management Systems (including HIV and TB). 

This course is aimed at executive and first line management who would like to protect their employees and their families and communities from infection by the Novel Coronavirus.

  • This course is general and generic training (applicable to all industries), based on changes to the lock-down levels. Please ensure that you also address industry-specific requirements in your organization.
  • This course is aimed at long-term management of the pandemic and is focused on the understanding of  the disease, personal and workplace risk management, and behaviour change strategies .
  • Facts, legislation and research around the pandemic change daily and most measures implemented by government are open and critical short term emergency responses.  Whilst content is being revised to cater for any major changes, you will be alerted of smaller, temporary changes via short announcements (emails) from DQS Academy.

The course is aligned to the ISO Annex SL used in the draft SANS 16001:2020 Wellness and Disease Management in the workplace (useful framework for any business health intervention, not only for implementing the standard).

  • Good preparation and understanding of risks to business and employees.
  • Effective management response to the pandemic.
  • Roles and responsibilities are identified and clarified, ensuring smooth management.
  • Reduce reactive, time-consuming and costly outcomes.
  • Provide leadership and employees with a comprehensive roadmap to manage the pandemic. Progressive assignments towards developing an effective roadmap.
  • Ensure confidence in business response to the pandemic.


  • Module 1: Understanding SARS CoV2
    • Epidemiology
    • Prevention of SARS CoV2
    • Diagnosis of COVID 19
    • Treatment options for COVID 19
    • Care and support for those who have COVID 19 and those affected by it
    • Current situation in South Africa
  • Module 2: Workplace preparedness - Disaster Management Guidelines- Chapter 4
    • Workplace preparedness - Disaster Management Guidelines - Chapter 4 - Alert level 3
    • Workplace Preparedness - Impacts on the workplace
    • SA Alert Level 3 Summary
    • Level 3 Care Guides
  • Module 3: Workplace operations
    • Workplace committee / task team
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Training of relevant employees
    • Prevention of workplace infection
    • Access to testing and treatment
    • Disease surveillance, monitoring and reporting
  • Module 4: Workplace communication
    • Internal communication plan / procedure; identifying vehicles for continual updates
    • External communication plan / procedure: stakeholders, customers, media, shareholders, supplies, community, union
  • Module 5: Workplace documented information (supplied as additional documentation)
    • Terms and definitions
    • Polices (which policies are recommended and description of what to included)
    • Procedures (which procedures are recommended and description of what to included)
  • BONUS!  DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES - customisable for your organisation 
    • COVID-19 Policy
    • COVID-19 Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)
    • COVID-19 Workplace Self Audit Checklist
    • Workplace Checklist
    • COVID-19 Post Lockdown Start Up Risk Assessment
    • Visitor Screening Questionnaire
    • Induction and Awareness Presentation Template
    • Procedure Screening Procedure
    • Cases within the Workplace (Tracking)
    • Return to Work Surveillance Procedure
    • COIDA and Incident Reporting Procedures and Forms
    • Roles and Responsibilties
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting in the Workplace Checklist
    • Workplace Preparedness Plan
    • Workplace Preparedness Checklist
    • Posters for the Workplace
    • Attendance Registers (COVID-19 Training Register; Employee Policy and Procedure Confirmation)
    • and many more free resources


  • Content and multimedia aligned to WHO international guidelines and requirements
  • Online quizzes to ensure understanding
  • Online Glossary of terms and definitions
  • Management access to learner progress statistics
  • Do the course in your own time, at your own pace
  • 1-year complimentary access to course updates
  • Live information regarding complimentary upcoming webinars, related modules
  • Download an internationally recognized DQS Certificate

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